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    Interview with
    Robin Williams
    By: Leo Ventocilla

      Yes, if you were invited to the press junket of “License to Wed”,
    you would think this was like the Laughing Factory. If you are not
    careful with your questions, you’ll become Robin Williams’s target. In
    this new film Robin plays the family Reverend. Mandy Moore and
    John Krasinski decide to enroll in Robin’s marriage prep course
    because that’s the only way this union will be blessed. This interview
    was edited for DTodos, when you hear the interview in my weekly
    radio show at on Saturday at 2 p.m. you’ll hear how often
    he had us laughing.

    Do you think you are very spiritual?
    Robin Williams: I was a choirboy, and I'm not Catholic,. Just going
    back to the old days when I was into going to church and
    remembering, as a Protestant, which is Catholic light, once again, the
    idea of somebody that could really advise and has something offer. I
    think for that it was just remembering those guys that I grew up with
    in the Episcopal church, which is there is no purgatory, just spiritual


    Who inspired religiously for your character?
    Billy Graham. No, Reverend Ernest Aingley, but then he had to go
    away for going to recreational bars. Reverend Swaggart. No. No
    religious people. I vaguely remember that there was one reverend
    who was actually very funny and that may be the model. But there
    was no one specific. Reverend Haggard. No. Where do you for gay
    rehab? That's what I just want to know. Cock Enders. Okay.

    Is it easy or hard to find scripts for your sense humor?
    Very hard. It is hard to find something where you can go off as much
    as I do in standup, but I think standup allows me that freedom. Where
    you can really go off and have a good time. But within the character
    there's enough room to play and when you have someone like Jon
    Krasinski and Mandy, people who will play opposite you and keep

    What about the 10-year old sidekick?
    That's why he's a Protestant. If you had a Catholic priest with a small
    boy they're already going, 'what's up?' It's a boy for the weekends.
    It's been a difficult thing for the Catholic Church to deal with after all
    these years when they have the Divine Witness Protection program.
    It's like three card, 'find a priest, find a pedophile, find a priest. Here
    we go. Where is he? There he is. Whoa, found him. Move him over to
    another parish. Okay, find him.' Hence, a lot of parishes don't have
    Little League programs anymore.

    Any suggestions for having a lasting relationship?

    The ability to be honest, the ability to talk, the ability to deal with in-
    laws, the ability to fight and get over it, get through it because like he
    says, intimacy and the initial lust, which is great at the beginning, it
    doesn't fade as so much go in wave motions...

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